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How can realprotect help me determine how much coverage I need on my property?

Category: Coverage

One of the great things about working with realprotect is the flexibility we offer our policyholders. Most of the insurers realprotect works with allow you to pick the amount of coverage you’d like on your property, subject to their minimum requirements. We also can run a replacement cost estimator so that you can see what it would cost to replace your property(ies) with like kind and quality. Keep in mind that replacement value is independent of market value, so we may sometimes want to insure your property for a lot more than you paid. Market conditions vary across the country and fluctuate depending on the economy, so it is a good idea to review your coverage at least annually to make sure you’re properly insured!

For more information on replacement cost and the various ways realprotect can assist, please visit our Risk Management Toolbox.