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Category: Billing

The answer to this question depends on the insurer we have your coverage with. Most of our carriers will accept ACH or all major credit cards. Keep in mind that some fees may apply, especially on credit card payments. If you have a monthly billing option, then most carriers will set you up on an automatic ACH or debit, but some of our carriers will also accept paper checks. Of course, you can always call realprotect at 800-579-0652 or send us an email at

Category: Billing

Again, this depends on the insurer that writes your coverage. If you have a policy with one property only, then more than likely we only offer an annual bill option. Keep in mind that many of our insurers do offer a premium refund if you have any unearned premium; we often see this if you’re fixing and flipping a property.  

If you’ve got a portfolio policy, then we can often offer a monthly payment option. Be sure to speak with your realprotect agent or account manager for more information!

Category: Billing

Your insurer likes to keep you in the loop to make sure you’re aware that the billing has gone out. Sometimes, you’re simply copied so that you know your lender is being billed; however, if your lender doesn’t pay the bill, or if there’s not an escrow account set-up, it is ultimately your responsibility to make sure your premium is paid so that coverage can continue. If you ever have any questions about a bill, we highly recommend you call our office at 800-579-0652 and one of our team members can assist!

Category: Billing

We suggest that you reach out to your mortgage company as quickly as possible to make sure they’ve received our invoice and have what they need to pay the bill. Sometimes, there is something that needs to be corrected on our end, and sometimes there may not be an insurance escrow account set-up. Ultimately, you as the policyholder are responsible for making sure the premium is paid, but we at realprotect will do everything we can to help you and your mortgage company get the invoice remitted. Please understand that your lender may not provide realprotect details on your account as it relates to insurance payments, so you as the account holder will need to contact them.

As always, you can contact us, email us at or give us a call at 800-579-0652 if you need additional assistance.

Category: Billing

This depends on your insurer, but typically all refunds are processed and returned within 90 days of cancellation. Most of our carriers are much faster than that, but sometimes there it can take a while. Rest assured, realprotect wants to help you get your refund as quickly as possible!

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