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Category: Coverage

One of the great things about working with realprotect is the flexibility we offer our policyholders. Most of the insurers realprotect works with allow you to pick the amount of coverage you’d like on your property, subject to their minimum requirements. We also can run a replacement cost estimator so that you can see what it would cost to replace your property(ies) with like kind and quality. Keep in mind that replacement value is independent of market value, so we may sometimes want to insure your property for a lot more than you paid. Market conditions vary across the country and fluctuate depending on the economy, so it is a good idea to review your coverage at least annually to make sure you’re properly insured!

For more information on replacement cost and the various ways realprotect can assist, please visit our Risk Management Toolbox.

Category: Coverage

We make every effort to offer policies that are compliant with your lenders requirements. The realprotect brand was built on assisting lenders and borrowers in obtaining loan-compliant coverage at affordable rates. Be sure to let realprotect know about any lender you’re working with so that we can design your policy to be compliant!

Category: Coverage

In general, if you have selected this coverage for your policy and you have a property insurance loss that makes your property uninhabitable, then your policy will pay you for the loss of income you suffer as a result of the loss. Most insurance companies will want a copy of a valid lease and/or a payment log that shows your tenant has been paying their rent on a consistent basis. Be sure to ask your claims adjuster about this when you’re discussing your claim with them.

Category: Coverage

Yes, however, we will typically need a bit more information to get this quoted. Be sure to let us know your property is a short-term rental so that we can include the necessary coverages to make sure you’re as fully protected as possible!

Category: Coverage

Your coverage can change depending on the occupancy status. Some realprotect insurers will not change your coverage or rates if your property is vacant, but others will change your coverage, depending on how long the property is vacant. It is important that you read your policy and understand how all parts of it work.

Have questions? Your realprotect representative is happy to help. Just contact us, email us at or give us a call at 800-579-0652 and we’ll walk you through your policy.

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Category: Coverage

Unfortunately, this is something you’ll need to handle with your previous insurance company. However, we like to make things as smooth as possible, so if you have any questions about the transition process, please let us know!

Category: Coverage

Be sure to talk with your realprotect agent or service representative about your coverage and pricing options. Generally, the more properties you have, the more options we have to help you meet your goals!

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